Gia Allemand: "The Bachelor Star" Cast as Ava Gardener in Russo Biopic

Gia Allemand, who finished third on the Jake Pavelkas season of The Bachelor, has been cast as screen legend Ava Gardner in the new Gianni Russo biopic.

Russo, best known for his role as mobster Carlo RIzzi in The Godfather, personally cast Allemand in the film, after the reality star relentlessly pursued him to cast her.

After I head about Mr. Russo signing on a napkin for 'The Godfather' (at The Palm in Manhattan in 1969), I recited Ava's whole life to him until he agreed to cast me and then I immediately asked him to write our agreement on a napkin," Allemand said.

Though Allemand does not have any acting experience, Russo said her passion convinced him to cast her.

To help a person like Gia makes me happy because that was me forty years ago," Russo said.

The film chronicles Russos raising fame from the 1950s to 1970s and will address the time the actor worked with mob figure Frank Costello and his friendship with icon Frank Sinatra, who was briefly married to Garner.

The as yet untitled movie begins filming January 2.

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