Heart Attacks, Crime & Poverty - Detroit is Most Stressful U.S. City

Heart attacks, murders, robberies, and poverty all help to make Detroit rank as the most stressful metropolitan area to live and work in, an analysis of the 50 largest U.S. cities indicates.

The study by the Web site Portfolio.com and bizjournals lists high unemployment and crime as among the most important factors that make the Detroit area a stressful place to call home.

The area's unemployment rate was 14.3 percent at midyear, the third worst among the nation's 50 largest markets, Portfolio.com said.

As for crime, Detroit ranks among the top 10 for murders, robberies, heart attacks and poverty.

It is also among the cities that have the fewest sunny days.

The motor city's runner-up on the stress index is Los Angeles followed by Cleveland, Riverside, Calif., St. Louis, New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Birmingham, Ala., and the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.

Portfolio.com said it found Salt Lake City to be the least stressful large metropolitan area.

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