Herman Cain: 81 Percent Of Americans "Brainwashed" By Democratic Party

Herman Cain, the outspoken 2012 GOP presidential candidate responded over the weekend to Karl Rove’s claim that his rise in the polls may be short-lived.

Presidential candidate Herman Cain, known for his bold statements, told Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC's "The Word" in an interview that most of America was brainwashed by the Democratic Party.

O'Donnell began the interview by reading from an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that noted that 81 percent of Americans support the idea of taxing at a higher rate those who earn over a million dollars per year, Yahoo! Contributor Network reports. He asked, since Senate Democrats had proposed that a "millionaire tax" be levied to pay for the president's proposed American Jobs bill, if the American people had been "brainwashed" by the Democratic Party as well.

"The answer is 'yes,'" Cain told "The Last Word" anchor, as reported by the Contributor Network. "The Democrats have succeeded at brainwashing a lot of the American people. First of all, taxing people more that make over $1 million isn't going to solve the problem. Secondly, they have just taken a class warfare to another level. When for decades you are telling the American people that we ought to take more from the rich in order to help pay off our debts but yet the debts don't get paid off, they're just playing the class warfare card. I would counter that, Lawrence, with a 50 percent of the taxpayers now pay 97 percent of the taxes. I think that's pretty fair already."

O'Donnell then noted that there had been "an awful lot of successful brainwashing by Democrats," Contributor Network reports. He added, "You're now saying that Democrats have successfully brainwashed Republicans, brainwashed Democrats, brainwashed 81 percent of the country into thinking that there should be higher income taxes on incomes over $1 million. You're willing to take your brainwash idea and accuse 81 percent of the American public of being brainwashed?" Cain replied that there were a lot of African Americans and Caucasian Americans that were brainwashed as well. "But a lot of people haven't," he said. "So, you know, that number could be 81 percent or 85 percent. That just means that they've been succeeding. Now, what I'm doing is to try and unbrainwash people by presenting solutions that will allow everybody to try and achieve their dreams based upon their own individual effort in this nation. That's what this nation is supposed to be about." The GOP candidate has proposed what he calls the "9-9-9 Plan" to provide fairness in the tax code, pay for government expenses, and generate economic growth, Contributor Network reports. The plan would do away with the current progressive tax code and implement a taxation system of 9 percent on corporations, 9 percent on personal income, and a 9 percent national consumer tax.
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