Hope Witsell: A Story of Sexting and Bullying

Hope Witsell was 13 years old when she committed suicide in September of 2009. She was the target of severe bullying at school, CNN reports.

Friends say that Witsell had sent a picture of her breasts to a boyfriend, when another girl from the school got access to the photo and sent it to other students at different schools in the area.

Because of that photo, students began to bully and harass the girl.

Students would walk up to her and call her slut, whore, and they would sometimes, they would call her skank and just be really cruel to her, says friend Kyla Stich to CNN.

We had to make like a wall, we had people surrounding her, and she had to be in the middle because people would come by and try to hit her and push her into a locker or something.

She was afraid to walk alone, she was afraid someone would do something to her, like verbally attack her, so she would always have someone with her, adds another friend, Lexi Leber.

Witsell had been afraid to talk to her parents about the excessive bullying, though they were aware of the picture. Her parents had been informed by the school.

A social worker for the school had talked with the young teenager, afraid that she might harm herself. The worker had Witsell sign a no harm contract, which made her promise that she would talk to an adult if she ever felt she wanted to harm herself.

Witsells mother Donna found the contract crumpled in the trash can after her daughter had died.Older sister Samantha Beattie was horrified to discover that the bullying continued even after her sisters death.I knew she had MySpace and Facebook. There were people putting comments on there: Did Hope really kill herself? I cant believe that whore did that. Just obscene things that I would never expect from a 12-year-old or a 13-year-old, Beattie said.Witsells death is one in an upsetting cycle of teens who are committing suicide as a result of torment from their peers.Source: CNN
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Source: CNN

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