Jan Brewer Vetoes Campus Gun Bill

Arizona governor Jan Brewer has vetoed a controversial piece of legislation that would have allowed guns on university and community college campuses.

Brewer ended Senate Bill 1467 that would have required colleges to allow concealed and openly carried weapons in public areas such as sidewalks and roads. Higher education officials had strongly opposed the bill saying it could lead to misuse and put people in danger.

"Guns have no place in schools," said Arizona State University President Michael Crow to The Huffington Post.

Supporters of SB 1467 said the bill would have improved campus safety and solved the problem of gun owners finding themselves in violation of campus regulations by simply driving through campus.

In her veto letter, the governor questioned the definition of the terms “right of way” and “educational institution.” She stated the latter term could also apply to grade schools and would conflict with existing federal and state rules.

Brewer also vetoed a bill requiring presidential candidates to show long-form birth certificates and other proof that they were born in the U.S. before they were placed on the ballot. Called the ‘birther’ bill, it would have made Arizona the first state in the nation to require such proof.

"I never imagined being presented with a bill that could require candidates for president of the greatest and most powerful nation on earth to submit their 'early baptism or circumcision certificates' ... This is a bridge too far," Brewer said.


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