Jane Goodall Film to Spend One Night in Theaters

Human brains shrink in size with the onset of old age, while the brains of our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees, do not, a new study has found.

Primatologist Jane Goodall will be featured in a one-night only documentary across 500 U.S. movie theaters Tuesday. According to Reuters, “Jane’s Journey” will detail the 77-year-old’s groundbreaking research into chimpanzees and feature appearances by Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan and Charlize Theron. There will also be a live question-and-answer session with Dave Matthews and Goodall herself.

The film was made by German independent filmmaker Lorenz Knauer and according to Goodall, the response is similar to the ones she receives after her lectures.

“They leave teary-eyed, saying ‘What can we do?’” the famous anthropologist told Reuters. “We haven’t been doing enough to help the planet. The message of let’s wake up and take care of this planet, we’ve been stealing from our children before it’s too late, is the message I hope that audiences will embrace.”

Goodall, who began her work with chimpanzees almost 50 years ago, told the news agency she fell in love with animals at a “tiny, tiny” age, watching “Doctor Dolittle” and “Tarzan.” When she was 11, she decided she wanted to go to Africa and live with animals and write books about them.

When asked what humans can learn from the animal world, Goodall responded, “First of all, we should learn a bit of humility…We are of course different, but not as different as we many think. From chimpanzees, I have substantiated my belief of the tremendous importance of the first couple years of life and the kind of experiences a child has. The human child psychologists have been talking about that for a long time. In chimpanzees, it’s so easy to trace the effects of a traumatic experience, because unlike us, they don’t try to hide the way they feel, they just act the way they feel.” “Jane’s Journey” has already won the “Green Oscar” at its debut in Europe.
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