Jane Lynch Celebrates One Year of Marriage

Jane Lynch has celebrated one year of marriage to her wife, Lara Embry, reports the Huffington Post. The “Glee” actress met Embry, a clinical psychologist, in 2009 at a National Center for Lesbian Rights gala. The couple married in Massachusetts in June 2010.

“We’ve taken on everything in our first year of marriage," the Huffington Post quoted Lynch as saying. “Moving. I gained a daughter. We renovated a house -- and writing a book. I mean, talk about learning about your wife!”

The 51-year-old actress is also penning the finishing touches on her memoir, “Happy Accidents”, which is scheduled for release this fall. The book describes the challenges Lynch has faced throughout her adulthood, including her sexuality.

"When I grew up, just like in 'Glee,' you had to be what they considered ‘normal’ or you got a Slushee in your face,” Lynch said, as quoted by the Huffington Post. "I didn’t want to be too tall. I didn’t want to be too loud. I didn’t want to be gay.”

Her marriage to Dr. Embry is a fulfilling life change and an addition to the actress’s busy career. Lynch plays the tracksuit-wearing coach, Sue Sylvester, on Fox’s “Glee.” The musical comedy series is expected to resume for a third season on September 20.

Source: Huffington Post, New York Times

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