Jay Carney Our New Press Secretary: The Man behind the Title

Jay Carney 2011 White House press secretary

Jay Carney, 45, emerged as the winning candidate named to replace Robert Gibbs as Obamas new press secretary this past Thursday. While it is well-known that this former communications director for Vice-President Joe Biden enjoyed a successful 20 year stint as a Times Magazine journalist, some may continue to wonder about the man behind the title.

So, who exactly is Jay Carney?

Carney originally hails from Northern Virginia where he was raised before setting off to attend Yale University in 1987. After earning a B.A. in Russian and Eastern European Studies, Carney landed a position as a reporter for The Miami Herald.

Two years afterwards, Carney scored himself a spot with Time Magazine where his roles included serving as the White House correspondent and the Washington Bureau Chief.

Those experiences eventually helped to pave the way to the White House where Carney beat out top candidates like White House deputy communications director, Jen Psaki, and Democratic communications consultant, Doug Hattaway for the role of press secretary.

When not tied down by work, Carney has been known to enjoy jamming to favorite tunes in his loosely formed rock n roll band with close friend, Tony Blinken, also Vice- President Bidens national security aide:

We get together about once a year with some other friends and travel somewhere and rent a recording studio and write and record as many songs as we can in one day. You wouldn't want to abuse any listeners by forcing them to listen to the music we make. But it's a lot of fun, Carney said in a 2009 interview with the Washington Post.Aside from all that fun, Carney is also the husband to senior news editor at ABC News, Claire Shipman, and together both have two children: son Hugo and daughter Della.
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