Jay-Z and Ashley Cole To Open Restaurant In London

Jay-Z and Ashley Cole have teamed up to open a restaurant in a London nightclub in a plan to employ young people who are out of work and donate part of the profits to good causes, such as backing young filmmakers in London.

Ashley Cole is pop star Cheryl Cole’s former husband. Cole met up with rap superstar Jay-Z in New York to plan the restaurant’s opening. They are searching for pricey properties in London's Pall Mall area for the venue, which will be called 40/40, to match Jay-Z’s US chain of nightclubs. The rapper already owns clubs in America that have been successful in five cities. Additionally, Jay-Z also owns the clothing line ''Rocawear,” co-owns the New Jersey Nets basketball team, and is an investor in a line of beauty products.

The restaurant is expected to attract lot of A-list invitees and stars, many who have already begun requesting membership in order to guarantee VIP access.

The restaurant could be a great opportunity for Cole, who is in the midst of controversy after shooting a work experience student with an air rifle at Chelsea's training ground. However, he insists that the restaurant plan has nothing to do with improving his image.

"I don't do things to try and get publicity or anything like that," Cole said, as quoted by BBC. “It was a great way for me to be working with people like Jay-Z and with great entrepreneurs who are going to try and make this restaurant a success."

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