Jeggings Are In For Winter

Jeggings are going to be bigger than ever as the trend keeps catching on.

"I saw a bit of it start to trickle through last winter and thought they were going to be the next big thing because they're much more comfortable than the skinny jeans," the Courier Mail quoted stylist and Kisses boutique owner Rachel Moor-Bryce as saying

"First Alexander McQueen and Balmain had done a great jeans legging and anything Balmain's doing is hot right now," she added.

The demin leggings derive their name from a portmanteau of jeans and leggings. They are meant to look like jeans but have the tight fit and easy pull-on style of leggings.

Celebrities, teens and moms are giving these super slim pants a try. Many say they can make the typical skinny jean more comfortable or are just a mess for some.

Men have also debuted jeggings on the runway and on the street. While many typically wear dark colors, styles in leopard, stonewash and bright neon have emerged.

"Women are wearing leggings like they are pants and they are not, so at least the jegging is a legging that is meant to be worn as a pant," she said.

"If you wear them in black or a dark denim it's fine to wear them as a pant but in a lighter wash you'd probably wear them as a legging," she added.

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