Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Divorce After "Months of Fighting"

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony arrive at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 13, 2011.   UPI/Jim Ruymen

When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony revealed their upcoming divorce, they announced that things had ended amicably. Now, an inside source tells People the decision to split actually came “after months of nonstop fighting.”

The couple revealed they were ending their seven-year marriage in a brief media statement on July 15.

According to the source, the issues between 41-year-old Lopez and 42-year-old Anthony involved career jealousy and fears that Anthony was unfaithful.

People reported that a source close to Anthony disputes those claims of infidelity, saying the decision to divorce was a product of different lifestyles. The source also said that Anthony has always supported his wife’s career.

“They started to see life differently,” the source told People. “Though they love, admire and respect each other very much, they just need to be apart.”

Lopez and Anthony’s two children also factored into the decision to divorce, the source close to Lopez added.

“Marc and Jennifer decided it’s best to go their separate ways for the sake of their two kids,” the source said. “Jennifer is doing okay…in the past two weeks, she has spent a lot of quality time with her kids and her family in L.A. She is, of course, sad that she and Marc didn’t work out, but they both feel they have tried everything.”

Us Weekly reported that attempts to save the marriage included counseling.

Lopez and Anthony, who married in 2004, have two children, three-year-old twins. It was the second marriage for Anthony and the third for Lopez.

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