John Boehner Not Making GOP Presidential Endorsements

John Boehner signaled support from Republicans for Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s debt plan Thursday.

John Boehner is not endorsing a candidate during the Republican presidential primary, CNN reported Friday.

Speaking to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, the Speaker of the House and Ohio Republican said he is waiting until his party chooses a nominee to run against President Barack Obama.

"No I don't see that happening," Boehner said to Ingraham when asked if he was planning to endorse as quoted by CNN. "I think we have a lot of good candidates, they are out there presenting their ideas. I think it's important to allow those who show up to vote in the Republican primary to choose the candidate of their choice."

The Washington Post reported that Ingraham later asked if the most conservative candidate should win the nomination.

“I think I’ll let the Republican voters around the country choose who they think the best candidate is, because my focus is on getting my House team re-elected,” Boehner said as quoted by the Washington Post. “Whoever the nominee is, I’m going to be there to support him and to move the country in a direction that we can get our economy going again, we can fix our broken tax system and deal with this debt problem.”

When presented with poll numbers showing that President Obama would beat potential GOP candidates in his home state, he seemed unfazed.

"Well see, the election is a year away, plenty of time to get our answer out there," Boehner said.

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