Kasim Reed, Atlanta Mayor, Announces Brother's Resignation

Kasim Reed, Atlanta Mayor, announced Friday that his brother and fellow city employee, Tracy Reed, resigned from his position in Atlanta's office of Contract Compliance, CBS News reports.

The resignation followed City of Atlanta Human Resources and Law Department investigations into Tracy Reed driving without a valid driver's license. Reed's license expired in 2006 and was suspended in July of 2011, the state reported.

Mayor Reed said he had no knowledge about the status of his brother's drivers license, but was aware that he had received some traffic tickets.

CBS Atlanta released the story on Tuesday that the mayor's brother was driving with the suspended license. After the video aired showing Tracy Reed leaving city hall, getting into a city vehicle and driving off, the City of Atlanta's Human Resources Department conducted an investigation.

It was discovered that Tracy Reed had a warrant for his arrest which was issued in October. 

In addition, Tracy Reed had been pulled over by police on May 4, 2011.  He was arrested by the officer and brought in to APD's Zone 4 police precinct, where the same major who let him go free on Oct. 28 told the officer to let Reed go.

Police questioned the mayor about showing favoritism toward his brother. The mayor responded, "this notion he is receiving preferential treatment is not the case here," CBS News reports. "I'm not going to prejudge anyone until that investigation is complete and that investigation is going to be public," Mayor Reed said. In a press conference Friday, Mayor Kasim Reed would not go into specific detail about the investigation, saying he would determine disciplinary action after the investigation was completed. "This is the hardest day that I have had since I have been mayor," he said. "I love my brother very much."
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