Kate Gosselin Laughs Off Fan Criticism On Twitter

Kate Gosselin poked fun at herself on Twitter Wednesday after fans called her out on her behavior at a pizza restaurant while dining out with her eight children.

CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" host Anderson Cooper added the 36-year-old "Kate Plus 8" reality star to his long-running feature, "The RidicuList," after airing a clip of her hassling staff about serving her bodyguard.

"Haven't you learned anything about the kids' mom's bodyguard's culinary peccadilloes?" Cooper mocked.

Gosselin was also caught on camera criticizing one of her older daughters for handing her a slice of pizza with her bare hands. On Twitter, @SuperPattyPie wrote: "Kate I don't want to alarm you but I ate pizza with my hands for dinner. I was going to use my feet but …"

Gosselin responded: "@SuperPattyPie is that a pizza crack? I like it... Humor made from sticky/uncomfortable situations!!:)"

The series finale of "Kate Plus 8" will air Sept. 12, after six years on TLC. Gosselin, in this week's issue of People Magazine, told a reporter she didn't know what was next for the family. "I told them [the children] I will work my fingers to the bone to make sure that they can stay here and go to their school," she said. "There are no guarantees in life for anyone, but they know that I'm giving it my best shot."

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