Kik Messenger Gets off to a Good Start After October Relaunch

Kik Messenger, a mobile instant messaging service, is off to an explosive start. The app took in 150,000 new worldwide users in a single day Tuesday.

"The sudden surge in Kik's popularity is driving what may be the fastest-ever growth of any mobile app," Ted Livingston, President and CEO, Kik Interactive, Inc., said in a statement. "We're both thrilled and overwhelmed by the continuing rush of new users."

The service, originally called "Unsynced" when it was first started in January 2009, was relaunched on Oct. 21 with a spruced-up platform. The cross-platform service provides message receipts similar to Blackberry Messenger telling users when messages are sent, delivered and read.

Membership has grown from 30,000 users last week to 450,000 Tuesday. The sudden growth was so extensive that Kik had to upgrade its servers to sustain the new users.

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