Kim Kardashian & Lady Gaga Sex Toys Cause Legal Blowup

Kim Kardashian has joined up with Lady Gaga to help bring down a sex toy manufacturer who is trying to cash in on the fame of each woman by selling inflatable dolls for sexual use that resemble the pop singer and socialite.

PipeDream Products, the defendant company, has already declared that any "resemblance is purely coincidental" to both Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. While the legal trouble is one concern, the owner of the sexual toy and novelty company says that business continues to increase as a result of the attention each product receives.

The inflatable dolls bear more resemblance than simple appearance, too. The names of the dolls are "The Kinky Kim" and "Lady Love" Doll.

Kim Kardashian's lawyer has urged the company to stop production immediately as it it violates the rights of Kim Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga representatives have threatened to sue the company for violating the rights of the artist's image, forcing PipeDream Products to withdraw the "Lady Gag Gag" product from its website.

Nick Orlandino, PipeDream Products executive said via the company's website that "Kinky Kim is the dirty love a doll that is the perfect blend of sexy...." "We knew that Kinky Kim was a necessary product, but [its] a little dirtier and sexier than the rest of the dolls in the series..."

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