Kinsey Institute For Research In Sex Gender And Reproduction Study Finds That Men Need Cuddles Too

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The Kinsey Institute For Research In Sex Gender And Reproduction has found in a new study that men are more likely to be satisfied in relationships if they are getting lots of physical affection such as hugs and cuddling.

Another surprising study finding is that men are more likely to report being happy in relationships while women are more likely to report being sexually satisfied, which is the opposite of what researchers expected.

LiveScience quoted study author Julia Heiman is saying, "the really useful message is, don't make presumptions about the genders. Because there's no way to be sure you're going to be right in any way."

The study analyzed data from 1,009 couples who had been in committed relationships for between one and 51 years. Half of the participants were in relationships that had lasted for at least 25 years. Participants filled out psychological questionnaires about their overall relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and factors such as physical intimacy.

For men, longer relationships were linked to increased happiness. Women, in contrast, got less happy between years one and 15 of a relationship, but more happy in years 20 to 50. Women’s sexual satisfaction also went up over time.

According to Heiman, men who get lots of cuddling in their relationships are also more likely to be sexually satisfied.

More research is needed to assess trends of men and women’s satisfaction in long-term relationships, and how they influence each other, according to Heiman. 

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