Larry Aceves Moves Forward in California State Superintendent Race

Larry Aceves could prove a tough candidate to beat as he faces off against Tom Torlakson in the 2010 California state superintendent race. Aceves, 66, is a retired public school superintendent who began his career as a bilingual teacher at Bayside School in the San Diego area in 1974. Torlakson, 61, is currently serving his third term in the state assembly. Torlakson was also a former teacher years ago and is endorsed by the California Teachers Association.

Aceves, former president of the California Association of School Administrators, says he has the acumen and temperament to manage the state's education bureaucracy. One of his immediate goals would be to modernize the system for tracking student data - a deficiency that cost California points in the competition for federal Race to the Top funding.

State Senator Gloria Romero of Los Angeles was not able to move forward for the elections.The race for state superintendent was very tight, with the top three candidates within a few thousand votes of each other. Aceves received the highest votes in the primary elections getting 19.2 percent of the vote. Torlakson received 18.6 percent out of 12 candidates vying for the top spots.

Aceves is running as an independent while Torlakson is on the democratic ticket.

The schools superintendent serves as the state's chief spokesperson for public education, and provides policy and direction to local school districts as well as serving on the governing boards of the state's higher education systems.

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