Lottery Winners: Keep Your Identity Secret Advises Past Winners

Lottery winners who scored last night's $355 million Mega Millions jackpot might want to take the advice of past winners.

If you do win, keep your identity a secret.

That's coming from three winners who didn't heed that warning.

Paul Spille, Kevin Kolthoff and Jim Schoeny won $500,000 with an Ohio Lottery instant ticket in April 2009.

They all worked at the Deer Park Deli when they bought the lucky ticket, which gave the men $115,000 each after taxes.

So was Kolthoff badgered with requests by people who were suddenly his "friends"?

Not as much as I thought, he told

Really, nobody came out of the woodwork.

"A lot of people knew I won.

"People came into work and they said, I heard you won some money and congratulations, but nobody asked for money.

Spille, on the other hand says he still gets asked for money from organizations sending him mail.

I just keep throwing them away and give to the ones I always give to, he said.

Kolthoff and Schoeny still work at the deli. Spille works at Chicken on the Run in Deer Park.

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