Lucy Lawless Forbids Parents from Watching Sex Scenes in "Spartacus"

Cast member Lucy Lawless attends the premiere of the film Bedtime Stories in Los Angeles.
Lucy Lawless, the former Xena actress, doesnt mind acting out the graphic sex scenes and violence in her new Starz hit TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as long as her parents dont watch. In an interview with, Lawless, who stars as Lucretia in the new show that revolves around the historical figure of Spartacus in the Roman Republic, talks about how she forbids her parents to watch the show, due to its infamous sex scenes. "That's nothing, mate," Lawless, referring to the premiere episode of the new season, which features graphic violence and countless, full-frontal sex scenes between men and women, masters and slaves, and several other combinations as well. "I'm forbidding my parents to watch, she said. Well, I'd like to -- but unfortunately they're grownups, and I can't really tell them what to do. But I cringe to think of them watching the prequel." Her parents arent the only ones that Lawless has prohibited from watching the show. "I say, 'Turn your back for the next 20 minutes, Daisy,' " Lawless says, about her daughter, Daisy Lawless, who works on set. "It must be really weird to have your mother engage in some shocking behavior." The first season of Spartacus was a phenomenon, with their season finale seen by over 1.2 million viewers. The prequel of the series will begin in January 2011. Do you watch Spartacus? Let us know what you think of the titillating show below.
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