Maccabeats Explode with Hannukah Song

Maccabeats, a group of Jewish college students, have exploded on the internet as their Hannukah twist on te Taio Cruz's song Dynamite became a Youtube sensation.

"I flip my latkes in the air sometimes sayin ayy ohh spin the dreidel.

Just wanna celebrate for all eight nights singin ayy oh, light the candles."

"And I told you once. Now I told you twice. 'Bout the miracle. Of the candlelight"

More than 200,000 people have already viewed the video made by the all-male group from New York City's Yeshiva University. The group is finding themselves in high demand to perform for Bar Mitzvahs and publicity tours. They were even written up as a "hilarious montage of spoofs" by the Jerusalem Post, half a world away.

"It's exceeded our wildest imaginations," musical director Julian Horowitz, 23, told NewsCore. "The numbers are crazy -- I'm getting emails and phone calls every 5 minutes."

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