Manu Ginobili UFO Story: Legitimate UFO or Explainable Bright Lights?

Manu Ginobili UFO stories have been flying around the Internet recently and while there is certainly a news story there - an explanation of what the NBA star actually saw remains a mystery.

Here is what we know, and what we have video evidence to support.

On the night of December 1 as Ginobili saw what he thought was a single-engine plane in the process of crashing outside the teams Califorina hotel. Manu Ginobili posted his findings on Facebook saying it was "a kind of spacecraft which is called X-37B and was supposed to land in the area between December 3 and 6. was of course there to grab video of the incident which shows Ginobili, a Spurs security officer and what appears to be a strange light in the California sky.

The good thing is Im not the only one that saw it, Ginobili said. Im not totally crazy.

It was a pretty strange flight pattern, Ginobili said. I thought it was falling, not landing. I thought it was like a plane crash. We were expecting to see it on the news the following day, and there was nothing. Thats when we got a little curious, What the hell was that?

I just wanted to know what it was, if somebody else saw it and if I saw what I think I saw, Ginobili said.

As for the possibility of life outside this planet, Ginobili wouldnt rule it out.

Theres got to be something, Ginobili said. So many planets around, one of thems got to be something.

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