McDonald's McRib Sandwich Angering Humane Society


McDonald's McRib sandwich, a limited time offer that usually sends a cult-like following to the store to gobble up the sandwich while it's available, has drawn criticism from the Humane Society for featuring pork that wasn't grown under humane conditions.

The Humane Society filed a complaint with the SEC saying that McDonald's is lying about where it gets its pork and misleading customers about how well it's treated, according to The Atlantic. The complaint is against Smithfield Foods, the main supplier of McDonald's pork, and claims that a new set of videos the food production facility recently released are false. 

The videos show "ideal living conditions" for the farm's many 500-pound pigs, but a 2010 undercover investigation by the Humane Society showed those claims were false. They showed "gestation crates" that were almost exactly the size of the animals they housed, so small the pigs were unable to turn over, leading to muscle atrophy.

Some states have even outlawed the gestation crates, though the Human Society report says Smithfield Foods uses them as part of its breeding program.

Smithfield denies the claims, and McDonald's continues to recognize the farm as a quality provider of pork, though both have acknolwedged in the past how dangerous and inhumane gestation crates are.

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