McRib Returns to McDonalds Nationwide After 16 Years

McRib lovers - rejoice!The McRib Sandwich from McDonalds has garnered a following since its disappearance from the menu, but the wait is over.The news may be music to a McRib fans ears: the sandwich is back at McDonalds restaurants nationwide after a 16-year wait.

McDonalds announced on its verified Twitter account Were stocking up on Napkins! The Legendary McRib is coming back Nov. 2

The popular sandwich had formed a cult following after it mysteriously disappeared from the menu. The Atlantic says that the sandwich would appear at a location for a few weeks at a time, then be gone.

The disappearings caught the attention of McRib followers, who have launched campaigns to bring the sandwich back, and even have a website for McRib sightings.

Come November 2nd, cult followers will just have to go to their local McDonalds to report a sighting.

Source: The Atlantic, Hardford Courant

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