Mitt Romney Wins Michigan Straw Poll

A debate fact check shows that Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry were not completely truthful when talking about their job-creation records as governor, reports the AP

Mitt Romney topped Rick Perry in a straw poll at a Republican Party conference in Romney's home state of Michigan, organizers announced.

Romney placed first in the poll with 51 percent of the 681 ballots cast at the Republican Leadership Conference followed by Perry with 17 percent and businessman Herman Cain with 9 percent.

Tea Party star Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., placed the highest among potential vice presidential candidates, reported.

The Detroit News said Romney's win was not a surprise. Romney was raised in Michigan and his father, George, was a popular governor of the state.

"Gov. Romney is very well known here," said Reid Wilson, editor in chief of the National Journal's The Hotline, one of the organizers of the straw poll. "It doesn't surprise me that he did so well."

Romney and Perry both traveled to relatively remote Mackinac Island in northern Michigan to address the conference, the Detroit Free Press said.

The former Massachusetts governor criticized the Texas governor for saying Social Security was unconstitutional as a federal matter and ought to be handled by the states, a claim Romney denied.

"There's a Rick Perry out there that is saying - and almost to quote, it says [in Perry's book "Fed Up!"] that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business, that it's unconstitutional. Unconstitutional and it should be returned to the states," Romney said. "So you better find that Rick Perry and get him to stop saying that."

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