Muppets Green Album Puts New Shine on Old Tunes

The Green Album is a collection of Muppet tunes covered by modern musicians, due to be released on August 23.

The Muppets Green Album is a collection of songs that originally appeared on The Muppets Show (or on Sesame Street or The Ed Sullivan Show or in a Muppet movie or someplace else that the Muppets appeared) due to be released August 23. The songs are performed by modern artists, who probably grew up watching the originals.

The Muppets were the creation of Jim Henson, a prolific composer in his own right, and at their peak, they brought music of all types to kids. Everybody from Ozzie Osbourne to John Denver to Stevie Wonder showed up on The Muppet Show and exposed children (and grown-ups) to a wide variety of musical styles.

And now that some of those children have grown-up into musicians themselves, they're performing their own versions of the music they grew up with. The result is a wide variety of musical styles applied to the Muppets music.

For example, "Mahna Mahna" preserves the sound, and more importantly, the spirit of the catchy tune originally sung by a strange bearded puppet. At various points during the solo, the lead singer wanders off (sometimes literally), much as happened in the original. The result is something both true to the original and yet has its own charm and character.

You can listen to the entire album (not just 30 second chunks) using the audio player at the NPR site.

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