NCAA Cream Cheese To Be Allowed

NCAA cream cheese will be allowed in a new set of revisions to the NCAA's 434-page rulebook, according to president Mark Emmert. The rules currently allow schools to provide bagels, but prohibit them from providing spreads such as cream cheese, butter, or jelly.

"We all agree the NCAA rulebook needs some serious editing," Emmert said, as reported by stltoday. "The rules are in some cases too complex, unenforceable, in some ways convoluted and in some ways even irrelevant. We will, in short order, bring back a set of revisions that will do two things: Clean up the ancillary issues and focus attention on things that are a serious threat."

The change to the cream cheese rules was welcomed by several commenters, including The Bylaw Blog, which posted on Twitter: "Our long national nightmare may be coming to a close: The Big East has proposed allowing bagel spreads."

It's unclear at this time if other spreads, such as Nutella, a hazelnut and chocolate paste, would be allowed under the new rules. College athletes are advised to keep the Nutella in a brown paper bag until the situation is clearer.

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