New Bill Bans Bath Salts in Ohio

Bath salts are banned in Ohio after Governor John Kasich signed a bill prohibiting the sale and use of the crystals. Possession of bath salts is also now considered a misdemeanor. Up until the ban, the crystals were sold legally in stores and gas stations, and on the internet.

“I am pleased this ban is about to become law in Ohio,” said state Representative Clayton Luckie, as quoted by the Dayton Daily News. “With House Bill 64, police will now have the tools needed to remove this scourge from our streets.”

The ban comes after widespread abuse of the bath salts that resulted in numerous poison control center calls and treatments. The Dayton Daily News also reported four confirmed deaths in Dayton, Ohio directly related to bath salt abuse.

Drug abusers smoke, snort or swallow bath salts to get high. Common effects include paranoia, rapid heart rate and hallucination. Fox News says that the salts have similar effects to methamphetamine abuse. Overdoses of the drug have led to extreme illness, seizures and deaths nationwide.

Bath salts are a mixture of legal synthetic drugs, such as mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, which mimic the effects of illegal substances. Some batches of the salts can vary in intensity, making some more dangerous than others.

Ohio is just one of the over 20 states that have banned bath salts. Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have also banned the crystals, as well as countries like Australia, Canada and Israel.

Bath salts are the street name for the drug, which is also sometimes referred to as “plant food.” The crystals are not the same substances found in salts that are intended for bathing.

Source: Fox News, Dayton Daily News

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