New York State Thruway Shuts Down, Leaving Hundreds Stranded

Snow Storm in Buffalo, New York. /UPI Images

A New York State Thruway was shutdown Thursday after a storm dumped up to 2 feet of snow on the area, leaving hundreds of motorists stranded and spending the night in their vehicles.

According to authorities, the shutdown has been extended to 16 miles of eastbound lanes, while a 10 mile-westbound stretch remains closed, both in suburban Buffalo.

Although the band of lake snow was the main cause of the closure around 3 Thursday morning, a truck that had jackknifed around 8 p.m. Wednesday began creating a back up of vehicles.

The truck accident has since been removed, but state troopers are still working to free other stranded vehicles.

"Theres a lot of work to do yet," State Trooper Daniele Golinski said, in an interview with

Golinski went on to describe the scene as 13 miles of bumper-to-bumper cars, two lanes each three lanes each depending on where they are."

Snowmobiles and emergency vehicles were used to check on snowbound motorists stuck along closed stretch, including delivering gas to those that were running out.

No word has been said on went the interstate will be reopened. The lake-effect storm began Wednesday, dumping 2 feet of snow in the Buffalo area. Power also remains out for about 10,000 utility customers in eastern New York.

What would you do if you were snowbound and stranded in your vehicle for a night? Please leave a comment below.

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