Occupy Oakland Protesters Return To Plaza

This photo taken Oct. 7, 2011, shows Barbara Diamond, 63, who is retired, and her husband Steve, a physician, who traveled nearly 100 miles from Bethlehem, Pa., to take part in the Occupy Wall Street protest at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan. They said they are concerned about the influence of corporations and wealthy people on politics and economic stress on the middle class. (AP Photo/Eileen Connelly)

The Occupy Oakland protesters began returning to the plaza in front of Oakland City Hall Friday after the violent police confrontation earlier that week.

“For every action there’s a reaction,” Saiid Shabazz, 35, of Oakland, said of the razing of the camp early Tuesday and the massive protests that followed, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. "The people are going to continue to use this camp as a training facility, an educational facility, a healing facility and a place to live facility.”

So far, about three dozen tents had back sprung up by Friday morning, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I cannot change the past, but I want to work with you to ensure that this remains peaceful moving forward,” said Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, a longtime activist who said she supports the main points of the Occupy movement but felt that health and safety concerns and poor communication had left the city no choice but to remove the encampment, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Quan said she and Jordan would meet with members of the group and asked that they maintain “healthy and safe conditions,” and give public safety employees “access when there is an emergency.”

She also asked demonstrators “not to camp overnight,” a request that was flouted, according to the Los Angeles Times. Hundreds of officers in riot gear arrived from more than a dozen regional departments Tuesday night to try to control a crowd gathered in opposition to the dismantling of the Occupy Oakland encampment, according to the Los Angeles Times.  Some of the protesters started throwing bottles, rocks and paint, the Los Angeles Times reports. Police responded with tear gas and other projectiles -– including what appeared to be rubber bullets and flash-bang grenades.
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