Panda Cow Video: Strange Mini Cow with Panda Appearance Born

Panda Cow - nicknamed for its panda bear markings, has been born on a Northern Colorado farm. The calf was born Friday morning. His mother is a Lowline Angus cow. The Panda Cow isa very rare breed of miniature cow, with only 24 similar animals in the world as of last count, according to TPI news.

The male calf has been named Ben. Its markings are the result of genetic manipulations.

The farmer, Chris Jessen, specializes in raising miniature cattle, and he also has several other miniature animals on his farm including a miniature kangaroo, more commonly referred to as a 'Wallaby'.

Jessen says the miniature animals are typically sold as pets since they do not have much practical use other than being cute and cuddly.

A panda cow can fetch around $30,000, though at this time he does not anticipate there is much of a market for the cow. The current market is fine by him though since he does not plan on selling it right away.

Chris and Pam Jessen were recently interviewed on Good Morning America, and during the interview they had the Panda Cow sitting on their couch. Watch the Video on page 2.

Further Information:
Also known as the miniature panda cow, it is the result of a mutation. Its markings include a white belt around the animal's midsection, and a white panda-like face with black markings around the eyes.

The panda cow was the uncommon result of 44 years of work by Richard Gradwohl, a Covington, Washington farmer, who bred and mixed eight different breeds of miniature cows until he produced the panda cow.

Panda Cows can grow to be about 44 inches tall and weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

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