Police Arrest Pharmacist in Drug Raid


Narcotics agents raided an Orlando pharmacy and arrested a pharmacist Tuesday as part of an ongoing investigation into illegal prescription-drug trafficking, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation reported.

Authorities say Ramesh Pathak was repeatedly filling prescriptions for customers for highly abused drugs such as oxycodone, even though he knew the prescriptions were fraudulent.

When agents searched his pharmacy in December, they found 22 prescriptions they suspected were fraudulent, Department of Health records show.

The prescriptions appeared to be consistent with fake prescriptions found at other local pharmacies, records show. Those prescriptions had the same patient names and instead of listing the physician's telephone number, the number belonged to one of the suspected drug abusers.

One of Pathak's customers gave the pharmacist six prescriptions, purportedly written by two physicians, in less than one week. On each date, the customer gave a prescription for 210 oxycodone pills.

"This should have alerted Mr. Pathak that the prescriptions may not have been issued for a legitimate medical purpose, caused him to question the validity of the prescriptions, or alerted him that Patient N.C. may be diverting medications," a Department of Health emergency suspension order said.

In less than one month, authorities say, Pathak gave that customer 600 tablets of oxycodone and 180 tablets of the muscle relaxer carisoprodol. One customer who obtained pills from Pathak using fake prescriptions told authorities the pharmacist charged her and others with fraudulent prescriptions more than patients with legitimate ones. Agents arrested Pathak on 22 counts of trafficking in oxycodone, 22 counts of conspiracy to traffic in oxycodone, and one count of trafficking in hydrocodone.  
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Source: Yellowbrix

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