Prince Chunk, Celebrity Fat Cat, Dies of Heart Disease

Prince Chunk, a celebrity cat famous for being overweight, has died, UPI reported Saturday.

The fat feline died in his sleep last weekend after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Vince Damiani, who adopted Prince Chunk after the cat's original owner lost her New Jersey home to foreclosure, lamented the loss.

"We're all upset," he told UPI. "We lost a family member."

Prince Chunk became famous in 2008 when his owner left him to wander the streets of Vorhees. He reportedly weighed 44 pounds at one point. The Damianis took him in that August.

Chunk's death has been hard on Damianis's other cat, Tito.

"Tito's missing him," Damiani told UPI. "They were like best buds. They did everything together. We're just trying to keep him occupied."

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