Ray Romano Wants to Help Out After Wife Beat Breast Cancer

Ray Romano and his wife Anna recently overcame a serious health issue, and now they want to give back. According to E! Online, the wife of the 54-year-old comedian announced she had “invasive breast cancer” back in February of 2010. Two years later, she has made a full recovery and is ready to share her experience.

“We dodged a bullet,” Romano said of his wife’s experience. “Now we want to give back.”

Anna, who has been married to Romano for 24 years, discovered a lump in her right breast during a mammogram. The 48-year-old was then given a biopsy and told she had invasive breast cancer. She told People that the most difficult part of her battle with cancer was having to focus solely on herself.

“I take on everybody’s stress, but this had to be all about me,” she said. “I’m not like that!”

Anna went through four rounds of chemotherapy and eventually lost her hair before she beat back her stage-one breast cancer, E! said. She and her family kept the story out of the press during her illness, but now Romano says he and his wife are ready to go public

“The reason we’re going public is to share our experience, yeah, but to have an effect,” Romano said. “Our goal is to help people.”

Together, Romano and Anna have four kids: Ally, 21, twins Greg and Matt, 19, and Joe, 14. Their life experiences were used as the basis for Romano’s comedy show, “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

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