Rhonda Aikman: Aikmans Living Different Lives Months Before Split

Troy Aikman attends FOX Sports/PAC-10 Conference Hollywood premiere night in Los Angeles.

Rhonda Aikman may have just recently separated from her husband, Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, but it seems trouble had been brewing for the couple for some time.

Although both parties have remained mute on the subject, property records show that Rhonda bought a five-bedroom home near their family mansion way back in November. The purchase indicates the couple had most likely been living a separate life for some time.

Troy and Rhonda married in 2000 and have two daughters together. Rhonda had a daughter from another marriage.

According to Bleacherreport.com, Rhonda stayed out of the limelight throughout their ten year marriage, although she did heavily immerse herself in the Dallas sports culture.

Troy, 44, issued a statement about the divorce, calling it a difficult decision to split and reiterated that the couple remain deeply committed to their children.

Troy played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for 12 years before retiring in 200. He led the team to three Super Bowl championships and was named the Super Bowl XXVII MVP. He is currently a Fox football analyst.

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