Rihanna a Lesbian? Nicki Minaj is My "Sex Partner"

Rihanna fueled rumors shes been hitching up with gal pal Nick Minaj Thursday night after she joked that she and her frequent collaborator were sex partners.

After leaving dinner with her friends, paparazzi surrounded the Whats My Name singer, asking her if they were really more than just friends.

Youre not really roommates with Nicki Minaj are you? he asked Rihanna.

No. Were just sex partners! Rihanna joked.

Lesbian rumors between the musical duo seemed to start last month when Minaj said in an interview that Rihanna was the best fondler ever. Later, the pair were spotted being cute together as they sent messages back and forth on Twitter.

After Minaj had knocked Rihanna for misspelling her name, Rihanna quipped back: "B***h don't u hear me askin what my OWN name is??? Lol! My bad, I'll make it up to u wink (sic).

Meanwhile, Minaj hit back at rumors yesterday when she appeared on the Ryan Seacrest morning show, labeling the rumors as really insane and hilarious.

Still, Minaj admitted that the pair would make quite a powerful force in the music world.

[We would make] a freakin crazy power couple right now in the world of females, Minaj told Seacrest.

The pair recently shot a video for Nickis new single, Fly, and are preparing to shoot aother for Rihannas new single, Raining Men.

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