Roseanne Barr Announces Presidential Run

Roseannes Nuts has been canceled, Lifetime confirmed Thursday.

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr is joining the race for the White House in 2012, CNN Entertainment reports. Barr announced her decision on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” following comments from Matt Damon criticizing education policy and tax cuts.

“You know, Jay, I decided that since you’re the one that got Arnold Schwarzenegger elected as governor of California, that I wanted to make my announcement here on your show because I really wanted to ask for your support,” she said in her Thursday appearance. “My announcement is that I am running for president of the United States.”

If that seemed like a joke to anyone, she soon confirmed her plans.

“I’m totally serious,” she added. “’Cause I want to be a part of the debates, because I want to represent the tax payer. In fact, I’m choosing the tax payers as my vice president.”

Barr credited former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin as inspiring her to run for the White House.

“You know, it’s because of her that I decided to do a reality show,” she said, speaking of her upcoming macadamia nut farm-related television show. “I have feral pigs that overrun my farm, and I’d like to shoot them out of a helicopter. But, um, that’s kinda what got me thinking that I too should run for president, if she can…I feel like she’s stealing my act, anyway.”

The actress told Leno she will not be running in either the Democrat or Republican primaries, starting her own party called “America’s Green Tea Party.”

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