Sean Hayes Returns to NBC

“Will & Grace” actor Sean Hayes is returning to NBC to star in a comedy role, but declined to say more, Access Hollywood reports. Hayes, who played the character Jack for eight seasons of the hit sitcom, told reporters he would be spending more time in front of the camera after the Television Critics Association Summer Session 2011.

“[There’s] nothing I can discuss at the moment, but we had a conversation and it looks like it's heading in that direction and I’m gonna be doing something on the network,” he told the panel for “Grimm,” the NBC fall drama he is producing.

Hayes later confirmed that his return would be in a comedic role, though he refused to say more, Access Hollywood said.

The actor recently finished filming “The Three Stooges,” where he stars as Larry. Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos round out the cast’s trio as Curly and Moe, respectively. Hayes discussed the film, for which he shaved his head, at the TCAs.

“We just wrapped up two weeks ago,” he said. “I’ve never laughed so hard in my life and I saw some early clips and it looks fantastic.”

According to Hayes, the film sees the Stooges’ original comedy style transported into a modern setting.

“It’s a contemporary restructuring of the classic shorts, so yes we are trying our best to emulate the spirits of those three guys while conducting a contemporary story,” he said.

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