Sofia Vergara Talks Religion, Language Barriers

Sofia Vergara, a star from the hit show "Modern Family," admitted to ShowbizSpy that she no longer practiced a strict Catholicism, but has taken a more laid back approach to her devout upbringing."I don't think God cares if I wear nail polish or not. I don't think that's a deal breaker for him," she said.

Vergara, who plays the wife of Ed O'Neil's character on the comedy series, observed Hollywood as a shallow place that holds people to certain stereotypes. Her particular experience has been disbelief that she is a Latina.

"If you see my family, you wouldn't believe it. Everyone looks like they're Polish. Blond with blue eyes. But I wasn't getting any jobs in L.A. They were confused. They have this stereotype that Latin people have to look like Salma Hayek. The minute I made my hair dark, then they believed that I am Latina."

Regarding her culture, Vergara highlighted the two key differences she has observed between American and Latin men. "Latin guys dance. American guys don't dance. That's a big difference. American guys cheat less than Latin men. I think they take how do you say when you make a deal with somebody?...Commitment. They take commitment more seriously."

Vergara's stay in the U.S. has lasted for 16 years thus far, but the Colombian-born actress admits that she can't seem to shake her accent. "I've tried, but I'm too old! My son goes from English to Spanish like it's nothing. He's 19, he speaks perfect English. He's so annoyed by my English he doesn't understand.

"He says I'm the only person in the world whose accent gets worse and worse the longer I'm here. Sometimes I talk and even I don't understand what I said! I wait to see if the person understood, because I didn't understand. I just move on anyway."

Vergara recently inked an $8million deal to become the new face of Kmart.

Source: ShowbizSpy

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