Steve Carell Film “Crazy Stupid Love” Wins Positive Reviews

Steve Carell arrives for the premiere of Crazy Stupid Love at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York on July 19, 2011. UPI /Laura Cavanaugh

Steve Carell  is starring in the romantic comedy “Crazy Stupid Love” and it’s earning positive reviews for his performance and the film overall.

Carell, 48, plays Cal, a man who discovers that his happy marriage might not be that happy. It seems his wife, played by Julianne Moore, is actually very, very unhappy. Ryan Reynolds’ plays Jacob, who’s determined to remake Cal into a suave ladies’ man. The romantic comedy also stars Emma Stone and Marisa Tomei.

Tomei, who has a supporting role in the film, spoke to Movieline about working with Carell: “I’m sure you’ve heard from many other people what a gem Steve Carell is. He’s just a prince among men; he’s so brilliant and talented, but also just a great person and so wonderful to work with. One of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had on a film are the scenes I did with him.”

Of the film, Moore, 50, told the Boston Herald, “I like movies that are about relationships and their importance in our lives. I mean, this is the fabric of our lives, who we love, the children we have, the friendships. All of that. That’s really what we build our lives around, so it’s always interesting to see films that really explore that.”

Carell got his start performing in Chicago’s Second City. Of his career, Carell told NPR, “You know who's even more surprised than I am is my wife. She cannot believe that I get to make out with beautiful women in movies. She thinks it's ... one of the most ridiculous aspects of our marriage." Carell’s previous film credits include “Despicable Me,” “Dinner for Schmucks,” “Date Night,” “Get Smart,” “Evan Almighty,” “Little Miss Sunshine” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” He also previously starred in television’s “The Office” as Dunder Mifflin boss Michael Scott.
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