Steve Jobs Leaves Behind All-Male Executive Team

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs left an executive team behind him that have one thing in common, other than their job description—they’re all men. According to, the lack of women in the technology and IP sector is making it difficult to keep the industry balanced.

To counteract this problem, a group of seven women called the Chipsters are traveling the country to promote female influence in the tech field. Women stay away from the industry because of low confidence in their abilities and a reluctance to ask for what they need.

“[Women] have a harder time showing confidence in their abilities because they’re taught to be peacemakers and caretakers,” said Mona Sabet, former associate general counsel for IP at Cadence Design Systems. She added that even when women are overqualified for a prospective position, they exhibit less confidence than men who are under qualified.

Julie Mar-Spinola, former vice president of global affairs for litigation and IP at Atmel Corp., noted that women also struggle with a lack of mentorship from other women. She told Forbes that when she was a young associate, she asked one of the senior women partners to help mentor her, only to be rebuffed. Mar-Spinola was told by the woman that “she made it the hard way, and she could, too.”

She advises seeking a male mentor if a female one can’t be found.

And as for Apple, Forbes reports that Jobs may have made a poor decision in failing to include women on his executive team. According to the book “Women Matter,” companies with three or more women in senior management score more highly on average on nine dimensions of company excellence.

Forbes thinks that without women, Apple is taking an unnecessary risk.

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