Stockard Channing Hits Stage After Knee Surgery

Stockard Channing made a brave, miraculous return the Broadway stage, just five days after her knee surgery, to continue her performance on “Other Desert Cities.”

The 67-year-old Tony winner made light of the situation Friday. “I’m just out here walking around in high heels. So blame it on the Manolos,” she joked in an interview before the show, the Associated Press reports.

Channing’s knee collapsed backstage on Nov. 18 and had missed repeated performances since. She had surgery on Monday and has been taking an anti-inflammatory drug. She has also been icing the knee and keeping her leg elevated. Estimated recovery time for such injuries usually require a minimum of two weeks for professional athletes.

“This is maybe stupid. I don’t know. But if it doesn’t blow up or get painful, I’m doing the right thing,” Channing said, the Associated Press reports. “I think I will be OK. I hope it will be OK.”

The show producers have attempted to accommodate for Channing fragile situation, changing scenes in a way that will limit Channing’s body movement as well as by giving her a lower-heeled shoe for to wear on stage.

Channing is hoping these changes will be helpful to her performance. She expects to miss the matinee shows and wants to limit her performance to one per day.

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