Stockholm: Were the Explosions "An Act of Terrorism"?

In Stockholm, authorities say they're investigating whether two explosions that occured on Saturday were "an act of terrorism", reports The New York Times.The explosions went off in the middle of Stockholm's shopping district, killing one man and injuring two other people.The remains of the man, suspected to be a suicide bomber, are being examined.Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, reports on its website that the dead man was said to be carrying pipe bombs and a backpack full of nails.Police declined to confirm this, Sunday.However, authorities have confirmed a news organization received a threatening email minutes before the blasts, reports The New York Times.The author of the email expressed anger over anti-Islamic cartoons and the war in Afghanistan.The country's prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeld, didn't confirm if the email and the explosions are related.He told a Sunday press conference that authorities are still investigating the case to establish whether there's a link with the email.The email which was sent to news organization, Tidningarnas Telegrambyra, was also addressed to Sweden's security police.It included a sound recording addressed to "Sweden and the Swedish people", The New York Times reports.The editor, Dan Skeppe, said the recording cited Swedish "silence" over cartoons of the prophet Muhammad and Sweden's military contingent of 500 soldiers, in northern Afghanistan.

A grab from the sound recording says:

Now, your children daughters and sisters will die like our brothers and sisters and children die.

Our actions will speak for themselves.

"As long as you do not end your war against Islam and the insult against the prophet and your stupid support for that pig Vilks.

In response to a question about potential racial tensions, Reinfeldt told the press conference:

"(Sweden's) openness is worth giving ourselves the time to get to the bottom of this".

He also warned of jumping to the wrong conclusions.

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