Suzanne Somers: Stem-Cell Facelift?

Suzanne Somers Arrives at the Larry King Live final show wrap party at Spago in Beverly Hills, California.

Suzanne Somers, an advocate for non-traditional therapies and aging naturally, has been suspected of undergoing a stem-cell facelift after debuting a puffy face during a recent television interview.

We have accepted a template of aging that is sick. No energy, bad bones, no vitality. My goal is to change that template through hormone replacement, healthy eating, no drugs, love in my life, good friends and family, Somers, 64, recently told Parade magazine.

Her natural methods were questioned during her recent Canadian television interview. Several plastic surgeons looking at before and after pictures of the Threes Company actress suspect she has utilized surgery, fillers or Botox.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani of Los Angeles told Inside Edition that Shes had a lot of fat injection, and shes had just way too much of it. It kind of gives her that doughy appearance.

The problem with the fat injection is that it separates the skin from the muscles, so it really can start to look unnatural and thats definitely what it does in her case, Mani said.

A Somers representative countered Dr. Manis claim.

Lots of people have asked Suzanne if she has done something since she recently changed her hairstyle, the spokesman said, adding that Somers uses lifewave nanotechnology patches and sells them online. The patches totally detoxes the body and in doing so, the skin gets beautiful and youthful looking.

Somers also promotes the Facemaster, a non-surgical facelift machine that costs about $230 on her website.It has literally kept my face from collapsing without surgery, she claims.Somers has previously promoted non-traditional treatments for cancer, including those she underwent as a cancer patient.Somers discussed the importance of stem cells, and announced in 2008 that she would undergo a $7,500 procedure for storing her own stem cells for possible use in the future. By having mine banked, I am assured if my cancer were to come back, or if I am hurt in an automobile accident, or have heart problems, or if I ever need new hips, eyes, teeth, hair or skin, I will have my own stem cells banked to do the job, she said.That comment and her recent interview fueled the speculation that Somers underwent the increasingly popular stem-cell facelift.The procedure consists of a physician using liposuction to remove fat from a patients lower body, processing it to increase the fats concentration of youthful stem cells, then injecting it into the patients face. Basically, stem cells are extremely young cells which can divide and grow into the cells of the organ they are transplanted into, said plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn. Thats why stem cells are very promising for cancer treatments, where treatment often includes removing large portions of important organs.Many people believe that stem cells which are transplanted into the face can help reverse aging by becoming youthful skin and fat. The stem cell procedure/device is not FDA-approved for this purpose, however, Youn continued.
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