Suze Orman Talks About New American Dream

Suze Orman says the old American Dream is dead.

It used to be more, bigger, best, said the financial expert.

In her book The Money Class, Suze Orman issues a call to action to reinvent the American Dream. Orman says in times of economic instability, being materialistic is not the way to financial success.

The author and host of a show on the Oprah Winfrey network says the new dream is about family and responsibility. Education and debt reduction are the most important items to save for, Orman says.

Orman chides those who look to have bigger and better items all the time.

Its a dream where you actually get more pleasure out of saving than you do spending, Orman said. Its a dream where you live below your means but within your needs. You are not spending every penny, you are not impressing people. You are living a life where you can sleep at night and you are actually happy.


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