Tart Cherry Juice: Latest Juice Trend Boasts Unique Health Benefits

Tart Cherry Juice is being touted by the media and some health researchers as the next "super-juice" on the market for its supposedly rich storehouse and powerful mix of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. The fruit juice is also gaining wide media attention for its apparently long list of health benefits, benefits which may give other health-promoting fruits, like blueberries, a run for their money.

According to online sources, the ruby red fruit juice can not only help with the relief of troubling issues like insomnia and stress, but the tart-tasting drink can also assist with "protecting muscles against exercise-induced damage."

Researchers at Arizona State University have also found that the juice may produce some positive effects for overweight individuals, mainly by lowering high cholesterol levels.

In a recent pilot study conducted to "compare the effects of tart cherry juice on overweight patients (those having a BMI of 25 or greater)," researchers found that participants who drank the juice experienced a significant drop in "levels of triglycerides."

To begin, researchers gave blood tests to participants to "check for markers of inflammation (like cholesterol, HDL and triglycerides)." The study then divided participants up into two groups where one was offered to drink 8 ounces of the juice and the other was offered a placebo. Both groups were told to drink the juice and placebo for four weeks before blood tests were again drawn.

Following this period, participants of both groups were then directed to stop drinking the study juices for two weeks. Afterwards, the "intervention was switched [:] Those who got the juice were switched to a placebo for four weeks and vice-versa. A final blood draw was done at the end of the study." Due to the positive results of the study, researchers at the university have embarked on a similar test with a larger group of participants and are currently awaiting results. Consumers should be cautioned that not all of the tart cherry juices are alike. Sources recommend that consumers should "look for bottles that are 100 percent juice," and warn that most stores carrying the drink are oftentimes blended with other juices, artificial sweetners, and/or are watered down.
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