The Bachelorette Special Tops Ratings

The Bachelorette on ABC aired a Men Tell All special, winning Monday night with 7.9 million viewers, according to entertainment website

The special aired a week before the season finale of the show in which Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky will make her final decision in choosing a suitor. During Men Tell All, the audience gets the chance to hear from all the suitors who have already been rejected by Fedotowsky, including the details behind the drama on the show and their honest thoughts on how the season went.

The special itself had some drama of its own. According to Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, First of all, I dont know how much America will hear because well have to bleep out 90 percent of what was said. It got heated. I was pleasantly surprised it didnt take long for the guys to really open up about each other.

One thing the suitors were very open about was the scandal with Justin Rated R Rego. Rego declined an invitation to the special; he became known for a two-timing scandal in which he had two girlfriends in addition to trying to nab Fedotowsky. The two girlfriends also declined an appearance on the special.

The finale of the show will have Fedotowsky meeting the families of her last two suitors Roberto and Chris - and culminate with her choosing one of them. It will be airing Monday on ABC.

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