Tiger Woods Dropped from "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12" Video Game Cover

Tiger Woods, for the first time ever, will not be on the cover of his own video game. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Woods shared the cover of his game with Irish rookie Rory McIlroy. This year, he won't be on the cover of the video game at all.

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters" will be released Mar. 29 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. What would be Woods on the cover has been replaced with a shot of the yellow flag at Augusta National Golf Club.

Woods has appeared on the cover of the bestselling golf video game since 1999. Normally, Woods would go on "a major media blitz to promote" his game, CBSNews.com reports; however, you won't be seeing Woods around this time.

Sales of the game dropped in the U.S. and around the globe. Reuters suggests that this has to do with the controversy surrounding Woods' life off the course.

According to video game analyst David Cole of DFC Intelligence, Electronic Arts and Woods will keep up a relationship, but there will most likely be an emphasis on other golfers.

"The thing about golf is the whole business is tied to Tiger," Cole said. "TV viewership was also down over 30%. If Woods wins, viewership should increase. With the overall sport being tied to Tiger I don't see EA parting ways in the near future. However, you could be less likely to see a major emphasis on Tiger."

Jesse Divnich, vice president of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, suggests that the golfing video games doesn't revolve around Woods' personal life.

"The sales issues of the Tiger Woods video game are much broader and deeper than Tiger's personal problems and has more to do with the entire golf sport struggling in 2010," Divnich said."

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