Todd Palin & Meghan McCain Heavily Recruited for DWTS

Todd Palin could well become the second Palin family member in as many years to compete on ABC's hit show, "Dancing With the Stars" when it kicks off its 16th season. Todd Palin, not known for much more than being Sarah Palin's husband, is fresh off watching his oldest daughter Bristol compete in and place 3rd in the 15th season of the show.

One obvious reason that ABC would want to recruit Todd Palin comes from the unprecedented buzz on the show this past season stemming from Bristol Palin's involvement.

"They want him big time," a source told E! Online. "They'd love Sarah, but they don't think that will ever happen, so why not go for the dad."

The show is apparently also after Meghan McCain, daughter of 2008 GOP presidential candidate John McCain. This season, Jennifer Grey was crowned winner but Bristol palin's long stay and unprecedented fan support became a talking point.

Perhaps the question to ask then becomes: Is Dancing with the Stars intentionally recruiting top GOP connections for more than entertainment purposes?

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