Triskaidekaphobia: As Many As 17M to 21M People Suffer From It

What is triskaidekaphobia exactly? Fear of the number 13, and Friday happens to be the 13th this August.Thankfully, it is 2010s only Friday the 13th, in comparison to 2009s nine instances of the unlucky day.According to Dr. Donald Dossey, a folklore historian and author of Holiday Folklore, Phobias, and Fun, as many as 17 million to 21 million people have triskaidekaphobia. Dossey is also the founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.Fear of the day goes back to ancient Rome and Norse mythology, and has continued to persist over the centuries. Even Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well as Napoleon Bonaparte would never travel on the 13th day of any month, Friday or not. They all feared the number 13.The superstition is so commonplace, sometimes we dont even notice it. Some high rise buildings will not have a 13th floor, some baseball stadiums skip the 13th seat, the French Quarter in Louisiana does not have addresses with the number, and some airports to do not have a 13th gate, according to DosseyWhile the day may seem rooted merely in superstition and legend, many people truly fear the day.Dossey also said that, There are people who are so scared of Friday the 13th that they are afraid of getting out of bed and will not all day.He added, If nothing works, I just remind people that the next day is Saturday.

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